Erotic VR

An experience attempts to show women’s perspective on sexuality within the framework of a visual poem.

Instead of using body image, the story is set in an environment that resembles the body from inside. Floating fantastic and real objects refer to sexual imaging sphere, but also extend it in search of a new visual language to talk about sexuality.

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they conspired with this passivity
thinking about sex instead of eating

talk to me, it excites me
porridge, mush, buy it, do it, let's sweep
if a piece of work just happens is it still a piece of work

to be who I am to become best all not to suffer

maybe it's just a matter of persevering
to the end
but let's not use this word today
for once lets forget about that solution

sweat does not want to run down my back
around bears you need to walk on tiptoes
they taught this in kindergarten already
I can write about everything I know and pretend I'm making it up

I would like to not wait
the end makes us

you are here
that is all I wanted to hear today

these drops are like sperm
they run inside me
where are the sperms running to?
we run to the egg

Erotic VR

VR application, poem